Invisible Braces

There is a solution to having straighter teeth without having to wear metal braces. This type of treatment offers you the choice of wearing a clear and removable appliance while straightening and aligning your teeth.

This is often a favourable option for adults who don’t feel comfortable wearing unsightly ‘train track’ braces for months on end. The technology behind invisible orthodontics is highly advanced and often gives patients a much shorter treatment time, depending on their individual cases.

Benefits of this type of treatment include having teeth straightened in a generally short period of time, straighter teeth and alignment of your top and bottom jaws. You can also enjoy the flexibility of your braces being hidden from an untrained eye, making you feel less self-conscious when socialising or speaking in public. With removable devices you can also take them out to eat or for special occasions, so they fit around your lifestyle.

It is important to remember that straighter teeth are healthier teeth. When your bite is properly aligned and your teeth are straightened, there are less gaps and areas for food to get trapped and plaque to build up on the teeth, causing decay. In that sense, invisible orthodontics is a long-term investment in your oral health.

Below are some FAQ’s.

What is a Invisalign?

Invisalign is an invisible brace system designed to move teeth safely into alignment. On your initial visit photos, x-rays and moulds of your teeth will be taken, from this the plan most suited to you will be determined. If you are happy to proceed with the treatment a 3D rendering of your teeth will be generated by Invisalign (called a Clincheck), which will show you how your teeth will change, how many weeks the treatment will take and whether interproximal reduction will be needed. If you are happy with the outcome you are ready to start your Invisalign journey.


What are attachments?

Attachments are small white fillings bonded to the teeth, designed to ensure reliable movement of the tooth through bone. They are painlessly bonded to the teeth during treatment and are then removed at the end of treatment.


What is interproximal reduction?

Interproximal reduction (IPR) is a way of creating space for teeth to move into. Where conventional braces often require the removal of teeth to create space, Invisalign does this by filing in between the teeth up to a maximum of 0.5mm (0.25mm from each tooth) thus ensuring it remains within the enamel of the tooth. This procedure is quick and painless.

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Single jaw Invisalign Case- £2250

– up to 3 sets of 20 aligners for one arch

– either fixed or removable retainers

Simple Invisalign Case- £2995

– up to 3 sets of 20 aligners

– either fixed or removable retainers

– at home whitening treatment

Complex Invisalign Case- £3995

– unlimited aligners

– either fixed or removable retainers

– at home whitening treatment


– fixed £150 per arch

– removable £100 per arch

– Invisalign vivera retainers £400 for both arches (3 of each included)