Smile Design

Advances in computer software packages now mean that if you choose to improve your smile, you can now be fully confident of the results you’ll achieve even before your treatment has started.

As well as letting you know what to expect, by working with you to create a digital smile your dentist will ensure you are fully involved in the process of creating your new smile at all times, meaning you will be able to ask any questions and raise any concerns you may have.

Digital smile design is commonly used for veneers, implants and crowns, as well as other cosmetic dentistry procedures. The first part of the process is to take photographs of your existing smile and to discuss with you exactly what you want to achieve. The photographs are then scanned into the computer and the latest software is used to carefully design your new smile. Whether you want your teeth to be straighter, want to replace a missing tooth or teeth or close up a gap, the resulting image will be a realistic likeness of what you can expect at the end of treatment.

The next step is to create a realistic 3D simulation of your new smile from the digital image. This enables you to see the results from all angles and to ensure that you are totally happy with everything about your new smile before treatment begins.

You will first be fitted with a temporary version of your new smile to check that everything is as you expected it to be and that you’re happy with results. Only when you are completely satisfied will your dentist complete permanent restoration work, leaving you with the smile of your dreams.

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