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Welcome to Smiledent Dental & Implant Centre, located in the heart of Green Lanes, London. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver the utmost in patient care by harnessing cutting-edge biomimetic dentistry and the latest innovations in the field. Your oral health is our paramount concern, and we are dedicated to offering not only preventive guidance but also state-of-the-art treatments to ensure your well-being.

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Smiledent Implant & Dental Centre

Our Policies

Please find our practice policies and commitments to ensure transparency and clarity in our interactions with our valued patients.

Our Policies

Complaints Procedure

We welcome all feedback, both positive and negative, regarding all feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve the services we provide in the future.

1. How to Submit a Complaint

You can make a complaint directly to your dentist or any member of the practice team, either verbally or in writing.

Further assistance and advice can be found at:

NHS England (for complaints concerning NHS dental care)
PO Box 16738
B97 9PT
email: england.contactus@nhs.net


Dental Complaints Service (for complaints relating to private dental care)
Stephenson House
2 Cherry Orchard Road
email to: info@dentalcomplaints.org.uk


2. How Will My Complaint Be Handled?


A verbal complaint will be immediately logged by the member of the team you talk to, and we will try and resolve your concerns at the time. If appropriate, the Practice Manager will discuss your complaint with you to try and resolve the situation. As all of our dentists operate as independent practitioners, any complaint concerning clinical care will be immediately passed to your treating clinician, who will be available to discuss and resolve your concerns.


You can make a complaint in writing for attention of the our complaints handler or the dentist, and it will be handled as outlined below.

  1. An acknowledgement letter of your complaint will be sent to you within 3 working days.
  2. Your complaint will be passed to our complaints handler.
  3. If your complaint is about clinical care, we will pass this onto the dentist in question, so that they can respond to the complaint and work on a resolution.
  4. A full response will be provided to you within 15 working days.

If we think there will be a delay in providing a full response, we’ll let you know, and we’ll keep you updated every 10 working days of the progress of your complaint.

3. What If I’m Not Satisfied With The Process?

If you’re not happy with how your complaint has been handled, then please get in touch with our assigned complaints handler, who can be contacted at info@smiledentgreenlanes.com


4. What If I’m Not Satisfied With The Outcome?

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can escalate this to following independent bodies:

For NHS Dental Care:

NHS England
PO Box 16738
B97 9PT
email: england.contactus@nhs.net

Or for Private Dental Care:

Dental Complaints Service
Stephenson House
2 Cherry Orchard Road
email: info@dentalcomplaints.org.uk

A complaint needs to be raised with the Dental Complaints Service within 12 months of the issue either taking place, or becoming known to yourself.

If you still remain dissatisfied with the resolution of your complaint, then the Parliamentary Health and Service Ombudsman can be contacted at:

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
Millbank Tower
Tel: 0345 015 4033

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We believe in redefining the dental experience by seamlessly blending innovation, expertise, and compassionate care.


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SmileDent Implant & Dental Centre is located in the heart of Green Lanes, London. Whether you’re a local resident or traveling to visit us, our accessible spot in Green Lanes makes it convenient for you to experience our cutting-edge dental services.

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