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Welcome to Smiledent Dental & Implant Centre, located in the heart of Green Lanes, London. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver the utmost in patient care by harnessing cutting-edge biomimetic dentistry and the latest innovations in the field. Your oral health is our paramount concern, and we are dedicated to offering not only preventive guidance but also state-of-the-art treatments to ensure your well-being.

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Smiledent Dental & Implant Centre


For those facing the challenge of missing teeth, dentures provide a viable solution. Crafted from robust materials that closely replicate the appearance of natural teeth and gums.


Treatment Overview

When confronted with partial or complete tooth loss, dentures offer a practical remedy. Constructed from durable materials designed to emulate the look of real teeth and gums, dentures bestow a natural aesthetic upon your mouth. These custom-fitted prosthetics snugly adhere to your gums and can be easily removed for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Adjusting to life with dentures may require some patience, particularly when it comes to speaking and eating. However, with time, you’ll adapt to these changes. To ensure optimal oral health and prevent issues like bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease, it’s imperative to maintain a meticulous hygiene routine for both your dentures and gums. Our dedicated hygienists are well-equipped to guide you on proper denture care, introducing you to specialised brushes and techniques.


The Procedure

The fabrication of dentures typically involves a process spanning 4 to 5 appointments, spread over a minimum of 4 weeks.

Dentures can be crafted from various materials, including acrylic, metal, or more recent innovations like High-Performance polymers. At SmileDent, we’ve embraced digital denture design, offering superior precision and an improved fit for enhanced comfort and functionality.

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We believe in redefining the dental experience by seamlessly blending innovation, expertise, and compassionate care.

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Smiledent Dental & Implant Centre is located in the heart of Green Lanes, London. Whether you’re a local resident or traveling to visit us, our accessible spot in Green Lanes makes it convenient for you to experience our cutting-edge dental services.

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