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Welcome to Smiledent Dental & Implant Centre, located in the heart of Green Lanes, London. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver the utmost in patient care by harnessing cutting-edge biomimetic dentistry and the latest innovations in the field. Your oral health is our paramount concern, and we are dedicated to offering not only preventive guidance but also state-of-the-art treatments to ensure your well-being.

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Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening enhances smiles by removing excess gum tissue and can also rescue severely damaged teeth, avoiding extraction while improving aesthetics.

Crown Lengthening

Treatment Overview

Crown lengthening is a well-established surgical dental procedure performed to increase the visibility of your teeth by reducing the amount of gum or gingival tissue covering them. It’s a particularly effective solution for addressing the aesthetic concerns associated with a “gummy smile,” where an excess of gum tissue becomes more prominent than your teeth when you smile. Additionally, it can be beneficial in cases where teeth are excessively worn or when insufficient natural tooth structure is exposed below the gum line for necessary dental treatments, such as fillings or crowns.

During the crown lengthening procedure, your dentist will skilfully remove and reshape surplus gum tissue and bone to reveal more of your natural teeth. The treatment can be tailored to address a single tooth or multiple teeth, depending on your specific requirements.

It’s important to note that crown lengthening is a procedure that only a qualified dentist can perform. During your initial consultation, your dentist will conduct a comprehensive dental and medical evaluation, providing you with a personalised treatment plan to address your unique needs.

Crown Lengthening

The Procedure

Crown lengthening is typically carried out under local anesthesia, ensuring your comfort throughout the procedure. For those who experience significant anxiety, discussing sedation options with your periodontist may be an option.

Your dentist will make precise incisions in the gums to gently reposition them away from the tooth roots and surrounding bone. Excess tissue and bone are then carefully removed, and stitches are applied to facilitate the healing process. Any post-surgery discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers, a specialised mouthwash, and a soft food diet during the initial recovery period. Using an ice pack can also help reduce swelling, if present.

Through aesthetic crown lengthening, you can attain a more harmonious and confident smile, all while preserving your oral health.

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We believe in redefining the dental experience by seamlessly blending innovation, expertise, and compassionate care.

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Smiledent Implant & Dental Centre is located in the heart of Green Lanes, London. Whether you’re a local resident or traveling to visit us, our accessible spot in Green Lanes makes it convenient for you to experience our cutting-edge dental services.

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