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Welcome to Smiledent Dental & Implant Centre, located in the heart of Green Lanes, London. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver the utmost in patient care by harnessing cutting-edge biomimetic dentistry and the latest innovations in the field. Your oral health is our paramount concern, and we are dedicated to offering not only preventive guidance but also state-of-the-art treatments to ensure your well-being.

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Smiledent Dental & Implant Centre

Our Policies

Please find our practice policies and commitments to ensure transparency and clarity in our interactions with our valued patients.

Our Policies

Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy, be sure to check and view the latest version. Last updated: September 2023

Privacy Notice

The practice aims to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR], the guidelines on the Information Commissioner’s website as well as our professional guidelines and requirements.

This Privacy Policy including GDPR privacy describes:

  • Why we collect personal information?
  • What personal information we collect and when it is collected?
  • How your information is used and protected?
  • Your rights regarding your personal information

Our Data Controller can be contacted at our practice address or by telephone with any questions you may have or details concerning the protection of your personal data.

The practice may change this Policy from time to time so please check this page occasionally on our website to ensure that you’re happy with any changes. By using our website, you agree to be bound by this Policy. Any questions regarding this Policy and privacy practices should be sent to the DPO. You can do this:

1. Why We Collect Personal Information

You will be asked to provide personal information when joining the practice. The purpose of us processing this data is to provide you with optimum health care.

2. The Information We Collect

We receive and store any information you enter on our website, registration or give us in any other way while receiving the treatment. The information we collect from you may include things like:

  • Your name
  • Your billing and shipping address
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your phone number
  • Your medical history
  • GP name and address
  • Your family member names
  • Your next of kin or carer details

You agree that the personal information you provide to us is reliable for its intended use, and is accurate, complete, and current. You will notify us of any changes to the personal information you have provided to us.

3. How We Protect & Use Your Information

The categories of data we process are:

  • Personal data for the purposes of staff and self-employed team member management.
  • Personal data for the purposes of [direct mail/email/text/other] marketing.
  • Special category data including health records for the purposes of the delivery of health care.
  • Special category data including health records and details of criminal record checks for managing employees and contracted team members.

We never pass your personal details to a third party unless we have a contract for them to process data on our behalf and will otherwise keep it confidential. If we intend to refer a patient to another practitioner or to secondary care such as a hospital we will gain the individual’s permission before the referral is made and the personal data is shared.

  • Personal data is stored in the EU whether in digital or hard copy format.
  • Personal data is obtained when a patient joins the practice, when a patient is referred to the practice and when a patient subscribes to an email list.

4. Your Rights Regarding Your Data

You have several rights regarding your data, including access, rectification, and erasure. Contact us to exercise these rights. You have the following personal data rights:

  • The right to be informed
  • The right of access
  • The right to rectification
  • The right to erasure (clinical records must be retained for a certain time period)
  • The right to restrict processing
  • The right to data portability
  • The right to object

Here are some practical examples of your rights:

  • If you are a patient of the practice you have the right to withdraw consent for important notifications, newsletters, surveys or marketing. You can inform us to correct errors in your personal details or withdraw consent from communication methods such as telephone, email or text. You have the right to obtain a free copy of your patient records within one month.
  • If you are not a patient of the practice you have the right to withdraw consent for processing personal data, to have a free copy of it within one month, to correct errors in it or to ask us to delete it. You can also withdraw consent from communication methods such as telephone, email or text.

5. Accessing Your Information

To access your information, please contact us via:

6. Opting Out

You can opt out of any communication at any time by contacting us using the following contact options:

7. Your Suggestions & Complaints

Please contact us with your suggestions or complaints – we handle all complaints in accordance with our complaints procedure.

8. Our Compliance Promise

We promise to keep your data safe and not share it without your consent. For questions, contact our DPO via:

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SmileDent Implant & Dental Centre is located in the heart of Green Lanes, London. Whether you’re a local resident or traveling to visit us, our accessible spot in Green Lanes makes it convenient for you to experience our cutting-edge dental services.

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